Retaining Wall

What is the cheapest type of retaining wall?

The retaining wall should be made out of treated pine for it to become incredibly cheap.

How much does a 3-foot retaining wall cost?

The usual cost of building a three foot retaining wall would be around three thousand dollars. Of course, it can become more expensive depending on the quality of the materials used to build the all.

How thick should a garden retaining wall be?

The thickness should always be done right as it must be at least 215 mm.

Do I need to put landscape fabric behind the retaining wall?

Retaining wall

Yes, since a barrier is needed behind it in order to provide a ton of support.

At what height do you need a retaining wall?

If it is more than four feet then a licensed engineer will have to check it out.

Does a small retaining wall need drainage?

Yes as a matter of fact having drainage is pretty crucial to building the small retaining wall. Thus, better have experts on hand to make sure that it is built no matter what happens.

What is the easiest retaining wall to build?

When you are using masonry blocks, you are going to discover that the task is not that hard. Hence, there is a good reason why this is one item that is commonly used for this kind of situation as it is useful.

What can I do instead of a retaining wall?

A wooden timber is a nice alternative since it would look pretty nice. Of course, it is not as durable as you would think so better think of a way to make it all work.

Does homeowners insurance cover retaining walls?

Yes, as long as the right conditions are met. Thus, better to go over all the things that are stated on the homeowner’s insurance contract before finally being able to include it. It is possible that the damage would not be your fault so it can be included in it.

Why do Retain walls fail?

The main cause of Retain walls failing would be none other than poor drainage. Hence, this would be one thing that everyone should really pay attention to. If not, then you would need to expect the Retain walls to fail as it will only be a matter of time before that happens. When it does, the only person you can blame in this situation is yourself.

Which Retaining wall is best?

Brick is the best since it is pretty strong so it can withstand all the bad weather that comes to the area. In addition, it is really durable so it will be a long time before it needs to be get replaced so that is one problem out of the way.

How long do you wait to backfill a retaining wall?

It can take as much as a week before the retaining wall is completely filled up. During that time, you must observe proper procedures so the process can go along as planned.